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37 Years old

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hey im 23 and have 1 son, of which i have custody of. Just looking and trying to meet new ppl. well what else can i say, hmm. well i just got out of a 4 year relationship, so im not really lookin for anything really but friendship right this moment.I have 2 jobs, one pays alright and is my primary income and the other pays really well but i dont have senority yet to make it my and my son take up all most of my time.I ve had custudy of him since birth as his mother took off, i dont hold it against her we were young, and my boy saved me from wandering through life with no sense of direction or confidence to do the things i need to do in life to be sucessful.Im pretty down to earth, i think atleast. lol. im pretty open and honest for most part but a bit secreative at first until i feel i can trust u. i read alot mostly sci fi and fantasy stuff. I hvae a fasinaction with dragons and King Arthur type stories.

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Friends Meeting Friends in Vancouver and Surrounding Areas

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