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32 Years old

Single and Happy

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Dec 6 2006 - 5:33PM
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Mar 27 2005 - 1:28AM
Sixx Says:
K, First of all, a summary of the pictures above: The drawings are my own, stop giving me a hard time about drinking black label ha, yes that's one of the photos I took of Slash, and the tiger suit...that's what gin does kids.

Music is my life & passion, with photography being an extremely close second. I love meeting new people, travelling as much as I can, and hanging out with friends

I take pictures, play guitar & bass, pierce people, paint, draw, and rock out.

Big fan of driving at night, camping, bonfires, drinkin with friends, and all round just enjoyin life.

I'm not a super car expert, but damn do i love the mid 60's mustangs. I wouldn't even care if it was pearly pink...a '65 or '67 mustang is my favourite. (Though 60's Chevelles, early 80's Camaros, Old chargers, stingrays, & transams are right up there with it)

\m/ <3 Someone I identify with greatly. <3 \m/

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Friends Meeting Friends in Vancouver and Surrounding Areas

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