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44 Years old

Single and Frustrated

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Jun 7 2005 - 6:30AM
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CanadianCowboy30 Says:
Well, to try and sum up oneself in just a few words can sometimes be very hard. So instead of me here, I want to let you knwo what I would like to find...although sometimes all to impossible I think. If you can make me laugh, if you are honest, love life, love the outdoors and so on then I think we could talk. I am not looking for head games, I have had enough of those. I am trying to find someone who could want me for just me. I love life itself. I do work alot so that may pose a problem to some, but I do love to have fun. I have fun and make sure to at all that i do. I would like someone to share a pleasant evening with, be it a candle lit dinner, a walk in the park under the stars, or just cuddled up watching a good movie.. To be able to find a way to my heart you need to find your way into my soul and see that I am someone who is very caring, loving and wish to share this and much more with that special someone.
Well hopefully you are still awake and I havent bored you too much. So if you would be interested in sharing a conversation or two or maybe a nice cup of coffee, please do look me up.. I would be very happy to meet you when the time is right. Take care and I wish you all the best.


PS> There are photos of me so please do not be afraid to ask!! Happy Hunting!!

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Friends Meeting Friends in Vancouver and Surrounding Areas

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