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35 Years old

Single and Happy

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Mar 15 2008 - 5:56PM
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Jun 30 2005 - 2:58AM
Alisha Says:
My name is 23 from Chilliwack...i have a daughter named Amber she is my life...i work, i take care of her and i party when she is at her daddys..i dont want a boyfriend, i dont want a fuck buddy, i just want friends. I dont have time for men becasue all my attention is directed towards raising my daughter and working so she can have a better life. perhaps if i found the right person i might be enticed to be with far that hasnt happened so i guess im bitter. I come here to relieve work boredom..dont take me too a different nicer happier person offline.

Don't send me your bullshit via. PM becasue i will send you a picture of my mom naked instead of me. Don't cry to me if im mean to you becasue i don't give a fuck.

Accept my opinion and I will accept yours(maybe)

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Friends Meeting Friends in Vancouver and Surrounding Areas

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